Cobh Trad is to with other people!

Cobh Trad group was created to bring musicians together.

Do you have an instrument in your house you used to play, but it’s gathering dust for some time?
Why not keep playing it as you know yourself that you want to, but it can be hard to find other people with the same interest.
This is your opportunity to come and join us!
This class is available for musicians who are looking for personal improvement as well as helping others to improve their skills.

Irish Music - What is so special about it?

Irish music brings people together from all different parts in the world and cultures. 

It brings a smile on people’s faces, it creates an atmosphere in our pubs which can’t be found anywhere in the world!

Meet new people

Playing music brings you in contact with so many people who're living around you or who are from a whole different place in the world


Learn from the people you're playing music with. Don't be afraid to try, fail and succeed!
You learn a lot more when playing music with other people than when playing on your own

Have Fun

Music is not as serious as it looks! It helps you to relax after a stressful day, have a chat, joke, story between the tunes. You feel so much more relax after a nice evening of playing music!